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American Skull

American Skull

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Seamless toe, unisex sock. One Size Fits Most.

Contents: 75% Cotton, 23% Nylon, 2% Spandex

Made in the USA

The yarn is manufactured in North Carolina, and The socks are manufactured in the USA. They give 10% of our profits to Veterans, and we all thank you for your continued support of our small business, and our made in the USA products.

Their Story

GiGi Sox was created by two veterans wives that wanted to create a brand to show their love for their country, to say thank to their husbands for serving and to combine their love of fashion, self-expression and patriotism into one solid brand.

GiGi sox donates 10% of profits annually to Veteran families in need.

All of their socks are made in North Carolina (USA) and feature USA yarn.